Liposuction sculpts or contours the body; it must be stressed that the aim is to alter the patient’s shape rather than their overall weight. It is certainly effective in the removal of unwanted bulges and in improving the silhouette, but it is not a method for the treatment of general obesity. Fat cells removed by liposuction are permanently removed. Fat can never regenerate in the specific area thus treated. However, by eating excessively one may still gain extra weight and fatty bulges in other areas.

To be specific, areas of the body that can be helped by liposuction are the hips, inner thighs, outer thighs (‘saddle-bags’ or ‘riding-breeches’), the abdomen or stomach, the buttocks, the waist (‘love-handles, problematic for men) upper arms, knees, ankles, the over-developed male breast, the ‘dowagers hump’ problem, and the double chin.

Liposuction may be carried out in several areas at the same time or can be combined with another procedure. For example, it may be done with a facelift where excess fat is present under the chin. The amount of fat removed is up to the surgeon.

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