A face-lift removes excess fat and skin, tightens the underlying muscles, and re-drapes the skin of the face and neck. 

A full face-lift surgery can have a dramatic impact on someone who feels they have lost their youthful LOOK. For some people, a mini-facelift is all that’s needed to turn back the clock several years.

More About Face Lift

The procedure is generally performed under general anaesthesia, and it takes 3 hours for the procedure to be completed. An overnight hospital stay is recommended post procedure. A dressing will be applied over your face with two small drains on each side. The dressing and the drains will be removed the next morning. A compression band will be applied, which must be worn for 24hrs during the first ten days and then at night.

The patient will be given pain relief medication to ease the pain. The patient will experience numbness and swelling over the operated area which gets resolved a few weeks after the procedure.

A face-lift procedure satisfies most the patient as it gives a youthful appearance which lasts for around ten years. The patient can resume his normal activities within 3-4 days post-surgery.

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