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Sheep Placenta

The Sheep placenta facial is now the hottest new beauty treatment. This facial is rich in proteins, amino acids, many essential minerals and enzymes as well as growth factors and anti-oxidants which are the life force of cells. It has ability to repair every type of cell in the body like dull or uneven complexions, eczema, psoriasis, acne, sun damage and wrinkles. The results will leave you walking out with smoother and younger looking skin. Sheep placenta contains a protein and when it comes in contact with skin, it helps to stimulate collagen production.

Sheep placenta are the cells extracted from unborn animal foetus which is further processed and made into cream. It has anti-scarring effect and has been effectively used for many years.

Why Sheep placenta:
• Sheep placenta helps in diminishing the ageing signs including wrinkles, fine lines, pigments and uneven skin tone.
• The stem cell helps to improve the look of skin.
• Enriches the skin with moisture and gives a youthful skin condition.
• Women who have irregular periods may find their cycle corrected using ovine placenta as a nutritional supplement.
• Maximizes skin tightness and density.
• The placenta-enriched shampoos and conditioners helps in repairing dry and damage hair.
• Protects skin tissue from oxidative stress.
• Anaesthetics cream is applied on the face of the patient.
• It is followed by a derma roller treatment to stimulate the blood flow in the skin.
• Then sheep placenta which is a clear thick liquid is massaged into the face.
• The process is repeated for the better results.
• The takes around 30 minutes.
• Patients notices an improvement in skin texture after three days of procedure.

Side Effects:
Sheep placenta is safe and effective with minimum side effects like burning, redness, or irritation. Patient needs to inform immediately to the doctor in case of appearance of any such side effects.

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